Day 5: Nearing the finish line

The house is silent. No tv, no noise. Just me, my book and my Christmas tree. Baby bear is sleeping. Despite the fact that he woke up and had peed everywhere, he was in better spirits this morning. 

That saline had to get out sometime, I guess. 

We will be heading to physical therapy in a short while, then home to rest. 

I should be getting the results of the MRI today. I have a feeling my heart will sink each time the phone rings. 

What will I do if I just can’t handle the results? I mean, you always think you’ve hyped yourself up enough to be ready for anything, but what if you haven’t?

I’m scared to get a diagnosis. I’m scared if the future is already chosen for us and baby bear will have to suffer. I keep thinking I’m ready. 

I’m not so sure. 


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