We are not thrown into the fire, we ARE the fire

Waiting. I always feel like I’m waiting. Waiting on tomorrow, waiting on him to progress, waiting for a result. Always waiting. 

I’ve spent the last three days dedicating all of my free time to little man. Trying with everything in me to focus only on today. 

The results we have gotten back so far are all negative. Metabolic study, negative. Thyroid, negative. CPK, negative. Organ function, negative. 

Waiting on one other blood test and the chromosome analysis, which the pediatrician said takes a while. 

Little dude also had his swallow study yesterday. They didn’t see anything to be concerned about except that he doesn’t take a lot of food/milk in. I guess we will see what that means when I talk to the ped. 

I will say, man is holding his head up so very well. Still a bit wobbly, but getting better. Head lag is also almost gone, which is exciting. 

He is so beautiful and awesome and if nothing else, I appreciate so much more in my life than I did before he was mine. 

Every little thing is amazing. 


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