A good appointment…finally! 

Apparently, man is not a fan of mixed vegetables….

We saw a GI for the first time yesterday and she was wonderful. We switched formula to a completely milk free type, Neocate. We also upped his nexium and added a liquid laxative he can take with each bottle. He seemed way happier this morning than he usually does. Hopefully she can get man happy and well! 
It’s always nice to leave satisfied and I think it’s the first appointment I didn’t leave in tears. That, my friends, is success. 

We are still waiting on a few blood tests, but so far so good. His chromosome analysis was clear. His repeat newborn screen was clear. His lactic acid level was clear. His ammonia level has dropped but is still slightly elevated. We still don’t know why. 

I’ll take it. I’m finally excited about Christmas. 

Man is going to LOVE his gifts.


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