And it’s off to Houston we go!

After a slew of appointments for the last 8 months, I have finally been referred to our first specialist, a pediatric neuro-ophthalmologist. There are apparently ZERO in the good ole’ state of Louisiana. I shouldn’t be surprised as we don’t offer much in the areas of progress here.

Our current ophthalmologist indicated that she was positive something would show on his MRI and since it came back clear, she is baffled. I have now had to send her videos of the weird things Carter’s eyes do, and how he picks and chooses what he wants to “see”. I am anxious for the day he can speak so I will know exactly how his eyes work.

And I am stuck in this awful Catch 22. I am unbearably happy with positive outcomes, but unbearably tired of no answers.

So now we wait, again. She will be getting in touch with our pediatrician to discuss more crap on top of all of this. Crap I don’t even feel like talking about right now.

I will say my usual prayer tonight that a miracle will happen and he will outgrow it all. Say one with me…

Keep baffling them, bubbie.


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