Ready to write again

I decided I needed a little break from the blog. Tonight, I decided to come back. Not much has changed since my last post. There have been ups, like Carter is now consistently swatting at objects, and downs, he lost a pound in two weeks. Now we have to increase calories, add olive oil and milk of magnesia to his bottles and he is now on a muscle relaxer called Baclofen. 

He’s been in such a happy mood lately that it’s helped keep my spirits up. 

In trying to look at the positive side of life, in addition to the swatting he is also making some great eye contact when eating, as well as laughing at our voices. These are all brand new, wonderful additions to my days. 

We are still waiting on a few genetic tests to come back from the lab. It’s been over a month so I made sure to follow up with the pediatrician. 

As far as therapy goes, we have increased. Early steps physical therapy and vision therapy once a week, as well as physical therapy and occupational therapy at a private firm once a week. 

On a lighter note, Carter and I have been taking a baby massage class, as well, and I think our bond is stronger. It has helped his reflexes and his constipation. It’s also helped his anxiety and his attention span. I’m excited to incorporate massage into our daily life. 

That’s all I got. It’s nice to be able to get the right words out again. 


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