All clear…now on to Genetics!

I need to breathe. It was difficult to work today. I spoke to Carter’s pediatrician and every test has come back clear. So now, even with no results, she has referred us to a geneticist in New Orleans. Thank you baby Jesus. 

I’ve been waiting and wishing for this day. Now it’s here. I called the geneticist and they will be calling me back to confirm the appointment. I finally might get to figure out the source of his issues. I know there is a chance I might not, BUT I will feel confident that I am doing everything in my power to help my son. 


This is a big day for us. My anxiety level just thinking about it is extremely high. It’s hard to breathe. 

I’m happy and sad at the same time. I sort of wish we would have found something from the tests so we wouldn’t have to keep searching, but I’m also happy they found nothing. Because that means he’s cleared on a ton of different levels. 

Still we search. I will search until he is comfortable and happy. 

( I CANNOT get enough of this sweet thang on snap chat) 


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