It’s really become a waiting game 

Finally got in touch with genetics…they can’t see us until July. I just want this over with and now it’s 5 more months of waiting. And that’s even if they find something. 

I really hope I get a cancellation call so we can be seen earlier. 

His birthday is coming up and I just want to be able to easily explain what’s going on should I get questions. Because I know I will get questions. Which is sad. I shouldn’t focus on any of his issues, but that’s hard to do. 

On a lighter note, he has really started to put his hands onto toys and grab them. That’s super exciting! His OT has also been using pedi wraps to stabilize his arms during tummy time. Now, at home, he allows me to straighten his arms and help him push up. It may be for only 10-15 seconds at a time, but it’s such progress! 

I hope to write a post soon detailing all we have been through, in hopes to maybe help someone going through this journey. It really takes patience and advocacy on behalf of your child. 

God, I love this man. 


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