See ya, Austin. It’s been nice!

Little man and I took a road trip to see my sister in Austin, Texas. First trip without daddy. My cousin and her son came with us, which was a blessing. 

First off, why am I so crazy that I didn’t have a tv in my car for man? He LOVES it! Next purchase for sure. 

He had a great time, besides all the teething. He spent Saturday screaming, but we love him anyway. He was catered to, which is what he wanted all along. His ped said she didn’t feel anything, but that doesn’t mean teeth aren’t on their way. I think I see nubs, but I’ve never done this before so I could be wrong. 

He sure is acting like it. There’s just so much spit. 

I hope it comes and goes. This screaming crap all the time is for the birds. 


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