And what a good day it was 

Man was so sweet this weekend and we got so much done around the house! We now have an awesome deck built by my awesome husband. 

And little dude has been getting so strong. We have graduated from feeding him in his newborn pillow, to his bumbo or high chair. He’s floppy and can’t sit up straight yet, it sure ain’t pretty, but I’m so freaking proud of him and how hard he works. 

He’s also been talking so much lately. Making the B sound all the time and playing with pitch. It’s like we can have a conversation with him and lord knows, he’s the only one I want to talk to. 

In addition to all that coolness, we have worn out our 3 month clothes and are now in 6 month onesies/pants and 9 month footies. 

My sweet, growing, chunky man. He’s the BEST there is. 


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