The day before the day 

Genetics is in the morning. Early. In another city. 

I have never wanted something done and over so bad in my life. I’m on edge. BUT handling it better than the last appointments. Go me. 

Carter had his monthly GI appointment this morning and it went well. We are finally getting to take him off of baclofen. Yay! One less med. He is also pooping pretty normally so we are taking him off milk of magnesia, as well. 

He hasn’t fought not one bottle since putting him on elecare jr., since it’s vanilla flavored. So the doctor gave us strawberry, chocolate and tropical to try. He now gets a variety of flavor, which I’m excited about and he really likes the strawberry. 

The glasses have been a work in progress. No immediate changes, but over the last week he seems happier and more playful. He is reaching with both arms on his tummy now. Sitting up better rather than folding like a sandwich. Tolerating his tummy so much better. 

Tis a good day. Now on to tomorrow…


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