Day 2: Ten things you might not know about me

This blog is lovingly dedicated to my son, but I’m stealing his thunder for one post. 

10. I’m borderline obsessed with anything Disney-related. I would quit my job today, if I could make a decent living being a Disney princess. They have already let me know I’m just too small, even for tinker bell, but who cares. Follow your dreams, right?

9. I hate socks. I hate the seams at the toes. The thought of my feet having the life sucked out of them by those monsters makes me cringe.

8. I get overwhelmed pretty easily. A restaurant menu will set me off. I don’t do well with a lot of options and the idea of making the wrong choice. I am also a perfectionist, or was, which makes a lot of tasks not doable. I’m an everything has its place kind of girl. 

7. I love the feeling of falling. I search for it. From roller coasters to bungee jumping. I even like going a little faster than I should over a bump in the road. Why? No idea. I like the adrenaline and feeling like I’m alive. 

6. I love horror movies. Not bloody, gory horror movies or exorcist/shining horror movies. Horror movies that could 100% happen. I love to be scared and ghosts are a serious passion of mine. But don’t even think of taking me to a fake haunted house. Hell. No.

5. I LOVE live music. Music in general is food to my soul, but there is something about the energy of a live show that I crave. 

4. I should have either been a marine biologist or in forensics. I find science completely fascinating. I’m not sure how I ended up in non-profit..

3. I look at my life and memories as before and after Carter’s birth. I am a different person now, in so many ways. I am constantly dreaming of my life before all the heartache, but I can’t imagine him not in my life.

2. Little Debbie cakes are my weakness. I’m generally a very healthy eater. I cook every night and we very rarely eat out. Put a little Debbie cake in front of me and will devour the box in 2 minutes.

1. I’m a loner. I’ve always been independent and ok on my own. I think that’s why our situation has affected me as it has. My selfishness still hasn’t worn off and there are dreams I want to accomplish.

And through it all I will. 


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