Day 4: My proudest moment 

You would think with Carter’s snail like progress that there wouldn’t be much to be proud of or that this would be an easy question to answer because not much happens for us. Not true.

I’m having a very hard time choosing one moment. I am proud of every single thing Carter does. From making eye contact with me to his hand making it close enough to the bottle to touch it to putting himself to sleep without help. I live in amazement of my son, at every little thing he does because I know what it took him to do it. 

One might also believe that the proudest moment to pick would be something incredible, like sitting alone for a lengthy amount of time. Or reaching for an object. 

No. If I had to choose my proudest moment it would be splashing in the bathtub. It’s the only time I have ever been able to help him associate a word with an action. He splashes, he laughs, he understands. I enjoy bathing with him and I look forward to our minute or two where we splash. 

I am just as proud now, as we splashed tonight, as I was the very first time. 


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