Day 8: What’s in my go bag! 

Carter is not too bad a traveler. He has more equipment than most, but as far as a bag we take everywhere, he’s pretty simple right now. Our bag includes:

1. Noonies. You better have 5 on hand or lord help you. 

2. Burp clothes/bibs. Unless you would love to smell like vomit, I suggest quite a few of these.

3. Adding on to #2, a change of clothes for bear AND for you. Because life. 

4. Formula, food and medication. Those are musts for any baby. Mine has an insatiable hunger and will scream as he is being fed food he wants. We are a complicated couple. 

5. Something that lights up or something that plays music. You want him to calm down? Better have one of these on hand. 

6. Nose sucker. The child has boogers like no other.

7. And now, his iPad. You better have his shows ready, or he will make you pay for it.

Not too out of the ordinary. We grab all of these things every single place we go! 


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