Day 12: Statistics

I don’t really like to concentrate too much of my time on statistics. They don’t define our life or my baby. 

Maybe once we get some sort of diagnosis, that might change. 

As for now, the only one that matters is 80-85% of parents that have a child with disabilities, will divorce. 

That matters to me because the backbone of our family is my marriage. Disability or no disability, my husband comes first. We need to be happy and on the same page in order to be the best parents we can be. 

Having a special needs child is difficult and can put a strain on any marriage, even a strong one. Not only are Casey and I experiencing extra special needs, we are doing it as first time parents. I consider us seasoned veterans at this point, with all the shit we have been through.

Together, we are a force to be reckoned with. We know the difficulty and we fight it. We fight with all of our might and all of our love. And I swear to you, we will still be standing when this fire dies down. 


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