Ophthalmology update

Today was not the day I was wishing for, but we will make the best of it! We are getting a cute pair of glasses for my dude to hopefully correct his strabismus. He only started crossing in December, so the doctor thinks he shouldn’t be in them for long.

He is also a tiny bit farsighted so we can adjust the lens to help with that as well. 

That’s the good part. 

The ugly part that I didn’t want was her push for genetics. She explained how, although his MRI is clear, that doesn’t mean there isn’t damage. 

She mentioned mitochondrial disease and storage diseases and all kinds of nasty stuff I didn’t want to hear. 

I know all these things, but I HATE when doctors point them out.

With his delays, she wants us to see a neuro-genetics doctor on top of the already scheduled geneticist appointment. 

In September. So this year is shot. Tomorrow is a developmental ped, then I have to hold my breath until May for the geneticist, THEN hold it again until September. And these are early dates! We are getting in early! 

I don’t know how these doctors think I’m going to just move ahead with life. I don’t know how that’s possible. 

At least man got to see the Houston zoo. Or didn’t see since he was super dilated. We had a good time though. Something to take the edge off. 

Oh, and this free glass of wine. Mama needs a break.