I spy…a sonic cup?

We have struggled for the last 7 months, trying to understand Carter’s vision. The first ophthalmologist we visited when Carter was around 4.5 months adjusted, said he was suffering from delayed visual maturation. He also said it should resolve itself by 6 months adjusted. 

Fast forward to 6 months adjusted, no real changes. We visited another ophthalmologist who said how bizarre it was that he would focus on black and white objects and mentioned he definitely had a form of nystagmus. Great information to have had months ago. 

She ordered an MRI which we are patiently waiting to happen on December 1. 

Until then, we work diligently every day to help strengthen Carter’s eye muscles and vision.

Today, he played with a Sonic cup. A stupid sonic cup. It sounds like it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it is huge. Not only did he see the cup, but he tried with all his might to play with it. His arms are still jerky and uncontrolled, another reason for the MRI, so this is hard work for him. 

Other things he has recently noticed:

  • Rubber duckie
  • My hands
  • Bathtub cup
  • Fitness ball
  • Pink travel pillow

This is HUGE!

Maybe all of our hard work is paying off? Maybe we are really helping him? Today, it feels like it. Today, it feels great. 

I will NEVER get rid of this sonic cup…