Day 2: We keep on 

I’m no doctor, but clinics really need to rethink their EEG setting, especially if you want a 6 month old baby to sleep. 

For starters, boo bear was awake from 7:30am until noon. He was a nightmare, but wouldn’t we all be if we were forced to stay awake? So screaming up and down the hallway we did, until they took us at noon. 

The room was not what I expected. Music playing, bright as hell, and an uncomfortable adult sized hospital bed…I’m not lying when I say boo and I laid there for 40 minutes before getting about 5 minutes of sleep. And that was after I covered his face with a burp cloth. 

All in all, he was exceptionally good. He’s so sweet, sometimes I feel like my chest will burst. 

We should find out the results tomorrow. Then on to the dreaded MRI on Thursday. 

We will get through this. And come out shining on the other side. 

Like a diamond.


Day 1: We survived 

Today has come and gone. Early Steps application was a quick process. Now we wait to see if little man will qualify, even though we know he will. 

The evaluator will be out in 8-10 days to assess. 

4 more days to go. 

Tomorrow we are putting little man through the EEG. I say putting through because I don’t think this little man deserves it.

I’m actually more concerned that they want us to keep him up from 5:00am until the noon test. Little man is going to be an angry man. I don’t want to deal with that wrath!

Hopefully tomorrow comes and goes, as well. Positive vibes.