Something Special

Special: better, greater or otherwise different than usual…remarkable, outstanding, exceptional.

I recently read an article that really stuck with me. It was focused on a mother and her son, and their special needs life. But what really got to me, was the question she posed. “When did special needs turn into something seen so negatively?”

She’s right. Yes, it may be a bit more challenging than usual. Yes, it may be different. But as soon as someone hears the term ‘special needs’, it’s like your very own pity party is being formed right in front of your eyes. 

If there is one thing I want to avoid out of this whole experience, it’s pity. I’m a very private person, choosing my outlets wisely. I don’t open up. People like to pity, and although most of the time it comes from a place of love, or they just don’t know any better…I can do without it. 

My son can do without it. 

I don’t plan on raising him any differently. I don’t plan on treating him any differently. I want others to do the same. 

I know most of the time it can’t be avoided. People will ask questions, people will make comments, people will probably stare. I’m a strong enough person to tackle that as it comes, but right now I really want to break down and cry thinking I might have to. 

Maybe this life was chosen for me because I am strong. I am passionate and I will be his toughest advocate. If only to teach others that we all have our specialities, our individualities. Some might be physical, some mental, some emotional, and whatever they may be, we should celebrate those differences.