My 16 pound love munchkin 

I love a good appointment! Today we had a follow up with our GI and Carter gained almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks!!! I am just so beside myself happy. 

After changing his formula to neocate and adding a medicine for constipation, he gained an ounce and a half each day. The doctor was only shooting for one a day. 

I’m so proud of my boy. ❤


Christmas blowout…not the good kind…or is it?

Little man had his first ever blowout while we were shopping at the mall today. Never in a million years thought I was be so excited about cleaning it up!

His medicine must be working. Watching your child suffer for 8 months with constipation and painful poops is torture for a parent. This time, I didn’t even know he went to the bathroom. No straining, no screaming, no deep breaths where it felt like his little lungs were going to collapse pushing so hard. 

AND, the best part was it was normal. Not hard chunks, not clay like. Green and soft and gross. 

Proud mama over here. 

A good appointment…finally! 

Apparently, man is not a fan of mixed vegetables….

We saw a GI for the first time yesterday and she was wonderful. We switched formula to a completely milk free type, Neocate. We also upped his nexium and added a liquid laxative he can take with each bottle. He seemed way happier this morning than he usually does. Hopefully she can get man happy and well! 
It’s always nice to leave satisfied and I think it’s the first appointment I didn’t leave in tears. That, my friends, is success. 

We are still waiting on a few blood tests, but so far so good. His chromosome analysis was clear. His repeat newborn screen was clear. His lactic acid level was clear. His ammonia level has dropped but is still slightly elevated. We still don’t know why. 

I’ll take it. I’m finally excited about Christmas. 

Man is going to LOVE his gifts.