Small victories

I noticed I’ve been posting a ton of medical updates and not enough about my beautiful boy’s inchstones.

His physical therapist asked us to ramp up his arm massage to twice a day to hopefully help him gain awareness of those muscles. Now, while on his stomach, he will reach with his right hand. Not usually for anything in particular, but reaching is reaching! We also do arm massage to Florence and the Machine. A connection between each other on a whole different level. 

He has also decided this week that he would laugh and giggle at more of his toys AND the sound of our voices. It was a delight. The neurologist mentioned she liked his babbling, so now I know it’s more than just making noise. 

I think he is also starting to understand things like “bite” when he eats his solids and “grab it with your hands” to his bottle or toys. That’s pretty exciting. 

I think my goal now will be to make myself deal with his fussy temperament and leave him on the floor to move. If I have to wear earphones, that’s what I have to do. 

Because the king is loud, obnoxious and absolutely beautiful. And he’s all mine.