Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

What a great Christmas for my little dude! He was so terribly good for being away from the house all day. 

I had my first taste of judgement and/or pity directed at what we are going through, but I held my head high and marched on. 

<start rant> I never want anyone in the world to pity us. My son is not less than. He is amazing and beautiful and sweet and different. No need to point out that his eyes cross, I realize that. Just love him for him. That’s all he needs. He might not be able to sit yet, or hold his head up that great, or focus real well, or speak another language. Does that matter? No. He’s fucking awesome. <rant over> 

Other than that, bear got some sweet gifts from Santa, who may have gone overboard. But it was worth it. Today he also really played and interacted for the first time. It was GLORIOUS! 

Tonight, we rest. Tomorrow, mama bear gets her present! A nice, customized cruiser with a sweet baby seat. (Excited face)


Christmas toys…and they vibrate. This is new, mom. 

Carter opened his first Christmas present from his Aunt B, Uncle Rickey and Ava today. He was VERY surprised. 

I have never tried any toys that vibrate and what a mistake I’ve made! He loves the vibration. 

I think it makes his tummy feel better. 

We are also on day two of the new formula and medication. He started pooping with every bottle yesterday, something that’s never happened. We are having to add sweetener to the milk because it’s disgusting and he started fighting it. I think the sweetener helped. 

He’s been so happy lately. I hope this really helps his system out and gives us some changes…finally.