She believed she could, so she did

I wanted to sit down and really reflect on this past week. It has been extremely quick, but extremely eye-opening. 

I feel a change in my soul.

It’s been a struggle to rein in my depression and anxiety surrounding my baby’s issues. I’ve been trying to find a balance with my medication, something that actually works with my body. I think I’ve almost nailed that.

My biggest issue has been seeing Carter for Carter, instead of his delays. I mean, I still do it and it will always be there, but I send myself into a deadly spiral of negative thoughts when I try and picture our future. THAT needs to stop. 

I’ve recently stumbled across a blog that has changed my world. A blog that I believe will help me progress into the strong mother I know I can be for my dude. It’s called “Special Books by Special Kids.”

CEO Chris Ulmer travels the world meeting children with different diagnoses. He learns what they like and communicates with them. He shows them all acceptance and love. The videos are life-changing. If you watch one, you will watch them all. 

The best thing about these interactions is that they have shown me something I’ve been missing for a year. Real communication with Carter. Chris has shown me that Carter has been trying to communicate for a while and because I assumed he would communicate typically, I missed it! I see it now. I see and understand his communication. 

I feel so unbelievably close to him now. The bond I thought we had has nothing on this. It’s incredible. 

If you haven’t seen these videos, look them up. You won’t be disappointed.